About Lorna

Lorna began her career in hospitality overseeing sales and marketing for the Mount Nelson Hotel, part of the Orient Express Group. Here she learnt the value of developing strong relationships with guests and business partners based on transparency, trust and authenticity. This has become her mantra in conducting all business.


With the birth of their first child, husband, Mike and Lorna purchased Granny Mouse Country House in the KZN Midlands and set about creating an idyllic conference and wedding destination. The past decade and a half has been spent consulting to the Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga, setting the highest standards for brand and business and, in doing so, cementing the hotel’s reputation as the ‘Grande Dame’ of KZN.


Keeping up with boutique and innovative hospitality trends worldwide drive Lorna and she loves moving out of her comfort zone to expand her focus and creativity. Learning about the art of wine-making, as well as travelling and seeking to discover the innovations of bespoke, boutique hotels around the world, fuel this passion. With a valuable insight into the world of luxury hospitality and a keen understanding of the business, she is committed to assisting companies in positioning and cementing a brand philosophy, with a strong story. Working and collaborating with luxe brands in curating exceptional experiences, be it online encounters or signature events, excite Lorna to deliver beyond expectation, with a sense of uniqueness and attention to detail.