Celebrating all Women – An Online Encounter

Celebrating all Women – An Online Encounter

Estée Lauder
When Mrs. Estée Lauder placed her name on a jar of her signature cream 75 years ago, she challenged the status quo and built a company based on the principles of equality and women’s advancement. Leebashni Reddy shared this beautiful story of leaving a legacy.

Wedgwood Handcrafted Confectionery
A motivating story of founder Gilly Walters who began Wedgewood Nougat in the family kitchen to keep her family afloat, and her right hand lady Anna Khuzwayo who is still a leading member of the Wedgewood Team. 22 years on and the family business is creating new avenues in the confectionery market, whilst empowering a women strong team. Gilly’s daughter in law, Zoe, is the creative steer at Wedgewood. She has inspired the new Wedgewood Emporium and Ice cream parlour concept as well as an exciting new Wedgewood Hat Box Company initiative. Guests could lean in and hear their inspiring story.

Pichulik was founded by Katherine-Mary Pichulik in 2013, has grown into a strong women and one man team. The team is a pan-African group of spirited women who create everything by hand. Led by Founder and Creative Director, Katherine-Mary Pichulik, every jewellery piece is made by a single artist, imbued with her own unique design skill and creative magic. Pichulik employs women, collaborates with women, and outsources to local women-owned small businesses, to promote job creation and economic activity in local communities. Guests were captivated by their beautiful brand.

All guests received an indulgent hamper of an Estee Lauder gift set, hatbox of handcrafted nougat and R300 gift card from Pichulik.


“Wow!! I would need countless Stars and Hearts to say just how much I loved and enjoyed Thursday’s Incredible Women event. Congratulations on gathering together 3 diverse topics which melded together flawlessly to ensure a Very Happy me and I’m sure I speak for every other guest as well.”

“Beginning with the ever lovely, well spoken, gentle, sincere and knowledgeable Lee, the afternoon was off to a beautiful start. The Estee Lauder gifting was right up there with their always generous and perfect feminine choices.”

“The Wedgewood story blew me away! The hatbox is a gorgeous work of art and the contents equally so!!”

“Being a jewellery fan of note, an introduction to the coalface of Pichulik by the original creator herself, was a fascinating treat indeed. Katherine-Mary captivated me with her zest for life, seizing opportunities, enthusiasm, creative forward thinking, bespoke originality and women-centric approach. I can’t wait to make use of her generous voucher!!”

“Once again, sincerest thanks to you, Lorna, for curating such an inspirational event and the 3+ contributing ladies/companies who were so very thoughtful and generous with their time, knowledge and gifting.”